Monday, 2 July 2012

Slimming World Rice Pudding

I am a big fan of puddings, especially old school comfort ones. I loved this!

SW Rice Pudding:

1 cup of rice (not pudding rice as it contains a lot of sugar, I used arborio)
4 cups of Tesco diet-cream soda
2 tablespoons of sweetener
1 pot of Muller-light yoghurt (flavour of your choice)
Fresh fruit
Cinammon to taste

Put the rice, cream soda and sweetener into a saucepan and allow to cook until all the liquid has been absorbed (this was about 20 minutes for me). Then add the cinammon, muller light and fruit. Simples!

I used frozen berries and put them into the rice whilst it was still quite hot to soften them, this really nice with a vanilla yoghurt. I used banana with a toffee yoghurt which didn't turn out so good (more like baby food!)

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